About Me

Here are seven facts about me:

1. I'm a cat person. If I had to decide whether to take a dog or a cat in the house, I would decide for a cat. They are just so much more independent. I share my home with a cat for two months now and I enjoy feeling more at home with her than without her.

2. I'm a stay-up late person. Although I have to get up very often before eight in the morning I like to stay up late. I get things done better in the late evening, it's like my creative button is pushed after sunset and work is done with a flick of the finger.

3. My favorite color is green. I enjoy looking at green things. They make me happy.
This rule also applies for looking at kiwi fruits but eating them I don't like as they make my tongue feel numb.

4. As we all know with most book nerds an addiction for caffeine goes along. The same applies for me. I like my coffee with milk and sugar.

5. I do love to sleep in clean sheets because of it's fresh smell. Therefore I maybe change it more often than really necessary.

6. Until recently I thought that the rustling sound you hear in shells really comes from the sound of waves which have been stored inside them.

7. When I am a grown up I would like to live in another country than Germany. I'm not really determined but I think that France or Norway would be great.

If you have any question or want to contact me please write me an e-mail: thinkingaboutloud at gmail dot com

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