Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

This is a gorgeous book with a gorgeous heroine. Sally Jay Gorce sets out to take two years for herself in Paris in the late 1950s. She wants to get to know life and be independent. There she has love affairs and is trying to become an actress. But of course very much can go wrong being a young American in Paris. Sally Jay loses her passport and later on she has to discover that it has been stolen from her by one of her dearest friends.

The book is witty and funny. What it has to say about life has to be read between the lines. But one thing is for sure one does not need to live in Paris to get to know life. Although I tend to have this romantic thoughts about Paris too.

To the question how much biographical this book was, Elaine Dundy answered that all the impulsive, outrageous things her heroine does, she did herself. But all the sensible things Sally did, she made up.

I'm going as far as to say that this one hilarious, charming and romantic book is going to make it very high on my top ten list for 2010.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★!


  1. this sounds like a very interesting book-I admit I have heard of it until now-I found your blog via the literary book blog hop

  2. Oh, this sounds fantastic! I can't wait to track it down!

  3. The book is not very famous I think but much beloved to those who read it.