Sunday, 14 August 2011

If you plan a trip to Lisbon ...

As you might know, I'm going to visit Lisbon in September. While I prepared my trip, I thought it was very difficult to find some decent sites, which provide some insider tips or the really lovely sights only known to locals. I decided to put a list of official sites and private blogs together, which to me were very helpful.

I already jotted down some notes in my beloved Lisboa city notebook. I for sure want to check out the Pasteis de Belem, some kind of pastry filled with custard and the Oceanario, the biggest oceanarium in Europe.

For more information check
out those sites:

1. Visit Lisboa - is an official site about everything Lisbon, certified by Turismo de Lisboa.

2. The Lisbon Connection - a Lisbon guide from the inside, provides awesome tips about an alternative Lisbon.

3. Spotted by Locals Lisbon - offers reviews of famous sights and places in Lisbon by people who live in the city.

4. In Love with Lisbon - a very personal view on all things Lisbon has to offer.

5. This article from delicious days - delicious days is an awarded food blog and author Nicky shares the most beatuiful and delicious spots she visited during her stay.

BTW has anybody read Nighttrain to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier? Have you enjoyed it? I am considering it as accompanied reading during my stay.


  1. Oh, my goodness, have fun! I just posted last week about a film that is being released in the US soon named The Mysteries of Lisbon - I can't wait to see the film and read your posts while you are there (not to mention, the pictures!) - have fun!!

  2. I'm not planning a trip to Lisbon, actually. But I enjoyed reading your post and I look forward to reading of your musings about Portugal while you're there or after your return. I'm one who also rather obsessively researches for my various travels, so I appreciate what you're saying here.