Monday, 9 January 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Since my last Monday post a couple of weeks ago I read:
Alison Wonderland by Helen Smith - All in all it was not really my cup of tea as I would have hoped for more plot and mystery, be it strange or not.

Child 44 and The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith - Child 44 is a thriller unlike any I have read so far, because of the very different setting, where every move you make is overseen which is nightmarish in its own.

Cain by José Saramago (yet to be reviewed) - An irascible God sends Cain out in the world to witness the heavenly punishments. Mostly witty and entertaining.

Now I am reading:
The Gathering by Anne Enright - When a brother and son dies, an Irish family gathers to, mourn the dead. Life comes apart at the seams and perspective might change. Not always for the better.

I'm listening to:
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - my first audiobook and me likes it.

Coming up:
I still have Faithful place by Tana French and Room by Emma Donoghue high on my list. But as always those are subject to change. Becuase I am a moody reader. I like to make plans but nearly never am I able to stick to them.

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  1. Hi Sabrina: Are you liking The Gathering? I read it a Christmas or two ago when I was choosing a bunch of New York Times best of the year books to read. It didn't grab me. But I sure have gotten tons of other good books that way. Happy Reading, Ruby

  2. I read Room late last year and loved it. I was sufficiently creeped out by it, but I also felt an intense need to keep reading in order to find out the resolution.

    Glad you're liking Mockingjay. I listened to The Hunger Games on audiobook, but then I read the other two.

  3. Child 44 has long been on my want to read list. Glad your first audiobook experience is smashing!

  4. I'm sad you didn't like Alison Wonderland. It is on my TBR list and I was looking forward to it.
    Happy Reading!

  5. My Mom gave me The Gathering but I have not read it yet. I listen to audio books a lot. I rather enjoy them especially since I have a very long commute. I did not care for Alison Wonderland either. Thanks for sharing.