Friday, 3 June 2011

Thoughts: The Devil in the White City

*note: I read a German translation.

You have read my note, right? Because in my opinion this must be the reason why I didn't care for Larsen's book. I may have been overwhelmed by the hard work of so many people who put together a world fair in nearly no time. Many things were very interesting but I always waited for the Devil to begin his cruel work. Unfortunately not so many details of H.H. Holmes doings were known, like that to date one has only a vague idea of how many women became Holmes' victims, so that his story often seemed to lack facts and description. I think I only got the creeps because I had to imagine what Holmes could have possibly done to the poor women instead of being told.

At some point I always hoped for the book to be over already so that I could go on to the next. I think that is why it nearly took me two and half weeks to finish, I didn't feel like taking it up too often.

2.5 stars from me!


  1. I found your review interesting. I read this one and enjoyed it. It might not be the translation though. I think the beginning of the book really focused on the fair and the hard work when you really do want to get to the drama. Great review!

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