Monday, 17 October 2011

Thoughts: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I finally managed to read the sequel to The Hunger Games. And I can report that it was a pleasant undertaking. Catching Fire introduces the reader to background information on Panem as well as its cruelty.

After Katniss' glorious return to District 12, life gets back to "normal". Her relationship with the boys she most cares for, Peeta and Gale, keep being complicated. But soon the next Games are up and life gets complicated again.

I didn't foresee the plot twist coming for the reader. It was like being hit by thunder when I read and I was hooked again. I can barely describe the pleasure I get out of reading the Hunger Games. It's a page turner, a real good one. Can't wait to make time for the last part of the trilogy The Mockingjay.

Have you experienced similar feelings for The Hunger Games? Maybe like me because I have only praise and no criticism.


  1. I liked the Hunger Games but originally didn't want to read the sequel. Now I'm reconsidering ...

  2. I think if you enjoyed The Hunger Games go for the rest too.

  3. I loved the first 2 books of The Hunger Games - absolutely brilliant. The third one, I didn't like very much - but other people do, it's a matter of taste. :-)