Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wonderful Wednesday #7 Favorite Authors

Everybody has some favorite authors. Often a passion starts with an innocent crush for one specific novel. Soon one wants more and is determined to read all there is by this particular author.

Today I want to share three authors of whom I'm determined to read every book they have published or are going to throw on the market in the future.

Jeffrey Eugenides - I read The Virgin Suicides for a book project in school. I loved his writing and I was interested in the fate of the five suicidal sisters. As soon as I read the last page of this, I dashed out chasing for more. I found Middlesex, which is to date one of my most favorite books. I lost myself in this epic story about Greek siblings immigrating to the US and falling in love on the ship that brings them there. I'm looking forward to reading The Marrige Plot which was released most recently.

Banana Yoshimoto - Yoshimoto's stories are sad ones. But she uses language and style to make it easier to endure. Her protagonists are young and lusting for life as well as anxious for it. I discovered Yoshimoto early this year and have reviewed Kitchen and Goodbye Tsugumi in January. Sitting on my shelf I have Lizard and The Lake.

Margaret Atwood - I have only read one book by Margaret Atwood but I am going to go for more. I think she is a fascinating woman with an even more fascinating mind. I have reviewed Oryx and Crake this year and have The Year of the Flood as well as The Blind Assasin waiting on my to be read shelf.

Have you read any of them? Have you got recommendations?

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  1. I read the Lake and was not enamoured by it but I'd like to give her other books a try. Like Atwood very much. The dystopian books are strange but good! Eugenides is still a new author for me.

  2. No, I'm afraid I've never read any of them. New names to add to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am a huge Atwood fan! I think I've pretty much read everything she's written. She's a brilliant and an ever so clever writer. Happy reading! Cheers! Chris

  4. Two of my faves here, Atwood and Euginides. The Virgin Suicides was my favourite book for the longest time, in fact I think it's overdue a reread. I too can't wait to get my hands on The Marriage Plot.

    My favourite Atwood is the Penelopiad. It's a short retelling of an Ancient Greek myth and it's just a delight to read.

    Thanks for taking part :)

  5. Atwood is on my list too! I've never read Yoshimoto but I'm adding her to the list. (Is her name really Banana?)

  6. Thank y'all for sharing your thoughts.

    I think I will add the Penelopiad to my tbr.

    And actually Banana is an alias. Her real name is Mahoko Yoshimoto.