Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

by Sabrina

Georgia Walker is the successful owner of the yarn shop "Walker and Daughter", which she runs with the help of her twelve-year old daughter Dakota and friends like Anita, who gave the money for the shops founding. She is a single-mum and gets along pretty well. Until Dakota's dad James wants to get to know his daughter which he has never seen before. Georgia is not sure. Should she let this man, her daughter's father back into her life after all he has done to her?

Good advice she gets from her friends in the Friday Night Knitting Club which takes place every week in her own shop. There very different kinds of women with very different kinds of problems come together to talk and go after their collective passion: knitting.

Soon Georgia decides that at least Dakota should have the possibility to get to know her father and James is allowed to get back into the life of "Walker and daughter".

I enjoy to switch in a little chick-lit some time or other. This book has it all: a strong New York single-mum, indispensable girlfriends, a very special hobby (knitting) and of course love. But for me one thing it hasn't: a good ending. As I'm going to muse about the ending now there might be a little spoiler contained. But I couldn't stand that the story seemed to turn out well for about 420 pages with all the typical ups and downs to end abruptly with the tragic death caused by cancer of the main character in about 50 pages.
I know that there is a sequel and the story will go on. But somehow I could not stand the twist of the story's ending, it seemed far fetched to me and I'm a sucker for good endings.

After all I loved some of the characters, especially Granny, Georgia's grandmother from Scotland, who supported Georgia in word and deed all her life and taught her the secrets of knitting. Her way of giving advice and cheering up just makes her a lovely character.

I'm not sure if I'm going to read the sequels or not. Today I would say no but maybe sometime in the future I will change my mind.


  1. That's no way to end a book! I would ask my money back. :-)

    It's almost the opposite of a cliff-hanger: why would you be bothered to read the next book if the main character.... spoiler spoiler... etc. ?

  2. Absolutely right!

    I think the author maybe did not like her main character and therefore bumped her off. ;-)