Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fool by Chris Moore

I'm still wondering about what I just read and it is hard to find words to describe it to you. I read about a fool obviously. But I also read about King Lear's court in the medieval Britain. And very much obviously they were a little bored at that time. So what did they do all day long? Yes, right! They had sex or they thought about it. They had war or at least tried to initiate one. They intrigued against each other or they tried to keep their had off the loop.

Pocket is the fool at King Lear's court. His duty is to cheer up Lear's youngest daughter Cordelia. He does well until the king asks his three daughters to tell him how much they love him and soon the intrigues unwind.

Moore's style is unique. He mastered word acrobatics and he is funny. But I also often felt like: What the heck... did he really wrote things like that? What about morality and what about values? And did I really laugh about it? Yes, I did! But I don't know if other people would, so I'm certainly not going to recommend it to anyone.

I think it deserves ★ ★ ★ and a half!


  1. I have Christopher Moore's "Lamb," which should be just as outrageously bizarre, funny, and very politically incorrect. It'll be interesting to read!

  2. Ich habe zwei Bücher vom Christopher Moore gelesen.

    ...and I think that sentence would have made my German instructor weep! I know I am missing the adjective endings for sure. I have read "Lamb" and "A Dirty Job" by the author: both were hilarious, and I want to read more by him. He has written books on vampires.

  3. @ smellincoffee - The sentence is perfect, but it is von and not vom. Great! I have read Lmab, too.