Saturday, 9 October 2010

Like Water for Choclates by Laura Esquivel

The Mexican author Laura Esquivel sets up a story of love spiced with a typical Mexican recipe in each chapter. Tita is only fifteen when she falls in love with Pedro. Unfortunately Tita is the youngest child of Mama Elena. Thus she is prohibited by family tradition from marrying as she has to take care for her mother when latter gets old. Pedro decides to marry one of the other sister to be near Tita. But his mother in law has now a rigorous eye on the lovers and knows how to withhold them from getting close with each other. The only chance for Tita to beguile Pedro is with her cooking and this is an art she soon masters perfectly.

Actually I wasn't really intrigued by this book. I started twice as I forgot what I already read in a time span of three days, which of course does not speak for it. Tita though is a likable character and one easily feels her passion and her pain. The Mexican setting makes it different from many other books I read lately. But one nice character and one nice setting do not necessarily make a nice book. I did not get something special out of the story as of which I have read in so many reviews. Actually I did like the love story and magical chocolates in Joane Harris' Chocolat better.

★ ★ and a half for this book!

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  1. Interesting! I thought for sure that this would be a book that was loved by all -- I had this on my list for quite some time, but will bear your review in mind!