Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review: Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore

Catherine Grace grew up in Ringgold, GA, a small town in the South of the US. Her daddy is a preacher, she's got a little sister and a dead mother. All she dreams about is to escape this life, go to the city and become a successful girl. She is planning her escape, sitting on the bench in front of the local Dairy Queen. After graduation she leaves town and her first love and gets herself a job in a big department store in Atlanta. But soon she is to home as a tragedy struck her family. Even a somewhat brutal secret is revealed. Catherine Grace recognizes that Ringgold, the town she always tried to flee, might be the place she ought to be.

It is Christian Fiction, a genre which I usually don't read. I recognized that this is for a reason. Being an atheist I don't go to church Sunday's although I do understand that this builds the fundament of community life in South American small towns like Ringgold, GA. I had problems connecting with the story and thus liking the book. But Gilmore did a good job portraying some of the minor characters like Lolly who unlike Catherine Grace grew up with a mother who resents the birth of her daughter. Or the family friend living next door, a woman never had her own children but takes care of the preacher's daughters like they were her own. She is a hearty woman (I forgot her name) who lives her life like it pleases her.

All in all it was a pleasant but not world-moving read. Three stars!

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