Sunday, 6 March 2011

Review: Tell No One by Harlan Coben

This was my second Harlan Coben book. I read The Woods about two years ago and liked it. Coben is a master of unforeseen plots. I decided to read another and a friend recommended Tell No One, stating this was the best Coben book.

David Beck and his wife Elisabeth celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss by carving lines in a tree for every year they have been together since their first kiss at age 12. At their 13th anniversary hey drive to the lake where this tree stands and after carving decide to take a swim in the dark. When Elisabeth leaves the water David hears a scream and follows to investigate the reason. He is struck over the head with a baseball bat or something.
Eight years later, Elisabeth has long been buried being the victim of a serial killer, David receives an e-mail from his dead wife. Could Elisabeth still be alive?

I always wonder how writers like Coben develop stories like that, twisted and totally unforeseen. Do they do it straight forward or do they develop an inner story and then construct an outer plot? Whatever. I like to creep myself with such a thriller now and then, although it has not much literal merit. But I decided to not care in change for two creepy reading nights.

The French made a movie out of the book, too. After reading I decided to watch the film. It very much keeps to the story of the book. There are only some little changes, like less different characters, to keep it more simple for the viewer and some scenes removed to keep it shorter. And of course the characters have French names.

When you want to read a book full of suspense I recommend Tell No One. When you want to watch a movie watch Tell No One. Three and a half stars!


  1. I am a huge fan of Coben and thrilled to see you enjoyed this one. I love his talent fro writing a good mystery but he always adds humor too.

  2. You are right Sheila. That's why I like to pick him up, too. I will do so again sometime I think. Maybe I request another Coben from Bookmooch.

    If anybody wants Tell No One I put it up on Bookmooch. I'm kolibri there.